#LOWREZJAM 2016 entry. Ranked 4th out of 392. 64x64 pixel tribute to Hotline Miami

JavaScript Competition Phaser

#LOWREZJAM entry. 32x32 pixel survival horror platformer

JavaScript Competition Canvas

Ludum Dare 29 entry (Theme "Beneath the surface"). Drill for oil through different materials.

JavaScript 48h Competition Canvas

Bomberman clone for the js13kGames

JavaScript 13kb Canvas

Geography quiz game for Windows 8. Winner of Edutainment category in the @codercharts Windows 8 App-a-thon. Port is WIP

C# XAML Windows 8

Match 3 game with a mathematical twist. Originally written with the Marmalade SDK for the BlackBerry Playbook. Ported to JavaScript

JavaScript Lua Marmalade

Ludum Dare 23 entry (Theme "Tiny World"). Simple endless runner game.

JavaScript 48h Competition Canvas

Simple prototype developed for Candy Jam

Unity C# 48h Competition

Prototype created for the Game Prototype Challenge v12 (Theme "Flower Momentum"). Steer a falling flower pot

JavaScript 48h Competition Canvas